SOC follows the certified organic regulations according to National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines.

Manure Compost

Price: $40 per yd, $30 per ½ yd. Screened to ½ inch minus. Ask about bulk discounts.

Excellent for amending soils, mulching, and holding moisture in the ground.  Can be used for flowerbeds, small containers, or other uses for a fine textured compost.

Garden Compost

Price: $25 per yd, $15 per ½ yd

Our ground yard waste composted and screened.

Aged Dairy Manure

Price: $35 per yd, $25 per ½ yd

Amended Topsoil

Price: $35 per yd, $25 per ½ yd

A premium soil that is amended with compost.

Raised Bed Soil

Price: $40 per yd, $30 per ½ yd

A rich blend of compost and loam. Will reduce in volume due to high organic matter.

Potting Soil

Price: $45 per yd, $35 per ½ yd

A blend of compost, pumice and loam. About 50% organic matter.

Soil-less Potting Mix

Price: $100 per yd, $60 per ½ yd

A blend of Coconut Coir Fiber, Pumice, Compost and All Purpose (organic) fertilizer.  To be used in small and large containers, raised boxes, etc.

Fine Red Bark

Price: $25 per yd, $15 per ½ yd

A fine decorative red bark that beautifies, controls weeds and retains moisture.

Walk on Fir

Price: $30 per yd, $20 per ½ yd

Stringy pieces of red bark and wood to be used as ground cover, helps retain moisture and excellent on slopes to control erosion.

¾ Bark Nuggets

Price: $35 per yd, $25 per ½ yd

Decorative red bark nuggets, often used in play areas and pathways.


Price: $30 per yd, $20 per ½ yd

Good for all landscapes, retains moisture and provides a protective blanket for shrubs.

Garden and Bark Mulch Varieties

Price: $25 and up per yard

Check for availability.


Price: $38 per yd, $28 per ½ yd

#2 horticultural grade. Used for aeration in soil and mixes.

 Peat Moss

Price: $85 per yd;  55 cu. ft. blocks $280 each

Coconut Coir Fiber

Price: $120 per yd

Worm Castings

Worm Castings

Price: $280 per yd or $5 per gallon

Soil Additives & Minerals

All Purpose4.6.26 lbs$10.0050 lbs$52.00
Bat Guano9.3.12 lbs$11.0025 lbs$62.00
Seabird Guano12.12.25 lbsOUT40 lbsOUT
Bio-Live5.4.25 lbs$14.0050 lbs$85.00
Bio-Fish7.7.25 lbs$11.00--
Acid4.3.66 lbs$8.00--
Kelp Meal1.1.25 lbs$21.0050 lbs-
Blood Meal12.0.05 lbs$20.0050 lbs-
Greensand-6 lbs$12.0050 lbs-
Oyster Shell-6 lbs$8.0050 lbs$17.00
Bone Meal3.15.06 lbs$13.0050 lbs$60.00