SOC grinds clean yard debris and adds only dairy and horse manure. It is windrowed, cooked, turned, and screened into compost.  Neither sewer sludge, nor bio-solids are used.  We follow the Oregon Tilth guidelines in the making of our compost and this allows the use of our compost on certified organic farms.  This applies to our compost and mulch.

Manure Compost

Price: $40 per yd, $30 per ½ yd. Screened to ½ inch minus

Excellent for amending soils, mulching, and holding moisture in the ground.  Can be used for flowerbeds, small containers, or other uses for a fine textured compost.

Garden Compost

Price: $30 per yd, $20 per ½ yd

Our ground yard waste composted and screened.

Aged Dairy Manure

Price: $35 per yd, $25 per ½ yd

Check for  availability.

Amended Topsoil

Price: $35 per yd, $25 per ½ yd

A premium soil that is amended with compost.

Raised Bed Soil

Price: $40 per yd, $30 per ½ yd

A rich blend of compost and loam will reduce in volume due to high organic matter.

Potting Soil

Price: $45 per yd, $35 per ½ yd

A blend of compost, pumice and loam. About 50% organic matter.

Soil-less Potting Mix

Price: $100 per yd, $60 per ½ yd

A blend of Coconut Coir Fiber, Pumice, Compost and All Purpose (organic) fertilizer.  To be used in small and large containers, raised boxes, etc.

Fine Red Bark

Price: $25 per yd, $15 per ½ yd

A fine decorative red bark that beautifies, controls weeds and retains moisture.

Walk on Fir

Price: $30 per yd, $20 per ½ yd

Stringy pieces of red bark and wood to be used as ground cover, helps retain moisture and excellent on slopes to control erosion.

¾ Bark Nuggets

Price: $35 per yd, $25 per ½ yd

Decorative red bark nuggets, often used in play areas and pathways.


Price: $30 per yd, $20 per ½ yd

Commonly referred to as fine Fir bark.  Good for all landscapes, retains moisture and provides a protective blanket for shrubs.

Garden and Bark Mulch Varieties

Price: $25 and up per yard

Check for availability.


Price: $38 per yd, $28 per ½ yd

#2 horticultural grade. Used for aeration in soil and mixes.

 Peat Moss

Price: 3.8 cu. ft. blocks $22 each; 55 cu. ft. blocks $300 each

Coconut Coir Fiber

Price: $120 per yd

Soil Additives & Minerals

All Purpose4.6.26 lbs$10.0050 lbs$52.00
Bat Guano9.3.12 lbs$11.0025 lbs$62.00
Seabird Guano12.12.25 lbsOUT40 lbsOUT
Bio-Live5.4.25 lbs$14.0050 lbs$85.00
Bio-Fish7.7.25 lbs$11.00--
Acid4.3.66 lbs$8.00--
Kelp Meal1.1.25 lbs$21.0050 lbs-
Blood Meal12.0.05 lbs$20.0050 lbs-
Greensand-6 lbs$12.0050 lbs-
Oyster Shell-6 lbs$8.0050 lbs$17.00
Bone Meal3.15.06 lbs$13.0050 lbs$60.00